Fishing The Undiscovered Ebro & Laguna de Lor

Carp & Barbel Fishing Holidays on Spain’s River Ebro & Laguna de Lor

Laguna de Lor

Tackle & Bait

Tackle Up!

Undiscovered Ebro will supply you with all the tackle you will need, except Terminal gear.

Top of the range Sonik rods and Daiwa Crosscast reels, together with bivvys, chairs, buzz bars, hangers, bank sticks, nets, slings etc are all included.

All you have to bring is a ruckbag containing your tackle box, rigs, leads etc.

If you wish to bring your own reels, than spool up with 18lb Mono and 30/35lb Mono. The Laguna de Lor syndicate are mega conscious about Carp welfare, and therefore Braid is frowned upon. This is reflected in the pristine condition of these fish.  When choosing hooklinks, bear in mind that these waters can be snaggy, with small rocks, and zebra mussels. We always carry spares which can be purchased at cost price.


Bait – FREE 10kg of Boilies worth £65

Because of cost, most local anglers use maize or corn, and as you can imagine, the fish here are very wary of this food source.

We are getting fantastic results using Crayfish Boilies, and we will give every angler 10kg of Boilies FREE worth £65. Additional bait can be purchased from Undiscovered Ebro at cost price. Alternatively, you may want to courier your own bait down to us here in Haro.

Selected waters will be pre baited before your arrival.


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