Fishing The Undiscovered Ebro & Laguna de Lor

Carp & Barbel Fishing Holidays on Spain’s River Ebro & Laguna de Lor

Laguna de Lor

What’s Fishing?

The Upper River Ebro

Undiscovered Ebro have over 60 miles of wild, underfished river, running between Haro and Logrono. We have exclusive access to a gem of a stretch of this river. How come? – The owner of the vineyard land is a personal friend! This stretch has produced Carp to 35lb.

These can be challenging waters, but as they say ‘you only get out what you put in’. Here you can spend all day, or even all week, without seeing another angler.

This river contains both Common and Mirror (Royale) Carp to over 30lb. These carp are fighting a strong current every day, and are muscular, and very fit! If you get a twenty on, you’ll swear it’s a thirty. This river is snaggy, and you will need to establish who’s boss very quickly! This is not for the faint hearted!

This part of the upper River Ebro also contains a large number of Barbel, Pike and Black Bass.

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The Laguna de Lor

The Laguna de Lor is a private syndicate water of 44 acres, and is located in Navarra province, south of La Rioja. We at Undiscovered Ebro have been invited to join this syndicate, and are the only Fishing Tour company to have exclusive access to this Carpers Paradise, with both Commons and Mirrors exceeding 55lbs.

If you want an intense session with a very good chance of smashing your PB on a water that no other UK angler has set eyes on, then this has to be for you. We are able to take a maximum of four guests per tour, and we would recommend a three day/two night trip, combined with three days on the wild Ebro in La Rioja province. It’s your programme, so if you want all week on the lake, it’s yours for the asking, but you might need a physio later!

The syndicate is headed up by Dario Castillo, who is the Black Bass world champ, he knows a good water when he sees one. To protect its exclusivity, there are ‘Privado’ signs all around the lake, and the syndicate ‘Garda’ is in daily attendance. The day tickets for this Carp exclusive are included in our standard rate of £485 pp pw. A Navarra license is required, which we will obtain for you.


Dario is seen here with a stunning Mirror ( Royale), and two cracking Commons.




This part of the River Ebro forms the border between two provinces, so two sets of licences are required, which Undiscovered Ebro will obtain for you.

To enable us to obtain these licences, we will need copies of your passport, and UK fishing licence.

The cost of all licences are included in the price of the package.

We are the only company operating in this area and are recognised by the La Rioja and Basque Environment Agencies

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